About Me

While food is a ubiquitous part of every day life, many Americans do not take the time to appreciate food for what it really is. Food is merely a necessity; an action in the every day workings of life that is crucial to perform if one wishes to survive. This is not the way that I view food, however. As far as I’m concerned, eating good food is a unique and special privilege that one should appreciate and savor.

I have been interested in food from an early age. As a child I was always interested in cooking, a skill that was encouraged by my family and nurtured by my paternal grandmother. I also had a deep desire to independently produce things that I would need in my daily life. By the time I was in high school I had tried my hand at making soap, cooking, gardening, tapping maple trees, making wine, foraging for wild foods and churning butter. Having relative success in most of these hobbies served to convince me that there was value in doing things  by hand and making things from scratch.


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